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'Nerraw Dream Dictionary' is an in depth electronic reference guide to exploring and understanding dreams. The author separates the guide into three main topics including defining your dreams, how to recall your dreams easier by keeping a dream journal with Alconsoft's text editor and a collection of useful information on dreams including Sigmund Freud. This program is not only easy to use but it looks great also. By better understanding your dreams, in turn you will be able to better understand yourself. In defining your dreams, you will have an increased knowledge about yourself, bring about self-awareness and self-healing. Dreams are an extension of how you perceive yourself. They can be a source of inspiration, wisdom and joy." Following the introduction Calico goes on to catalog several thousand verbs, nouns, feelings and adjectives that one may dream about, and what it represents. For instance, to dream that you are throwing darts, ex: Type in "darts and hit search and your definition will display: "To dream that you are throwing darts in your dream refers to some hurtful or harmful remarks that you or someone have said. Alternatively, it represents your goals and your "go-getter" attitude." However, if one were to dream that you are pleasantly surprised, indicates that you are opened in acknowledging and confronting your unconscious feelings."........need more?..download now free!!

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